Grüne Hexe Dishwasher Tabs

Dishes, cutlery, pans, pots and glasses: The innovative, patented Grüne Hexe Dishwashing Tabs powerfully clean everything that fits in the dishwasher. The high proportion of urea provides extra care and a radiant shine. All ingredients of the dishwashing tabs are of course easily biodegradable.

Urea is easily biodegradable

Supports bioactivity in wastewater for faster degradation of ingredients

Without phosphates, microplastics or dyes

Flexible dosage to protect the environment

German patent DE 60 2010 042 220

Powerful cleaning and perfect shine


The result speaks for itself. The shine is really great and everything is sparkling clean.


All nicely clean and the environment is protected.


Best dishwashing tabs ever, everything clean and no chemical smell!



Tips and tricks helping Grüne Hexe to perfectly clean your dishes.

Tips and tricks helping Grüne Hexe to perfectly clean your dishes.


Remove coarse food residues.

Leave sufficient distance between the dishes.

Depending on the degree of soiling, place 3 to 4 tabs in the dosing compartment.

Select and start the desired program.

Machine Care

Refill rinse aid and salt as required.

Clean strainer, spray arms and seals regularly.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Urea, 15-<30% oxygen-based bleach, <5% polycarboxylates, <5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% phosphonates, enzymes, fragrances. All ingredients are easily  biodegradable.

Unnecessary and harmful ingredients such as phosphonates, microplastics, palm oil or colorants and preservatives are of course not not part of the recipe.

Yes, all ingredients contained in the formulation are easily biodegradable. In addition, urea supports bioactivity in wastewater, so that the ingredients are already decomposed faster on the way to water treatment.

Even water degradable foil will end up somewhere in nature. So Grüne Hexe tabs are not wrapped in any foil to avoid waste.

The dishwashing tabs are deliberately smaller than normal tabs so that the amount of detergent can be flexibly adjusted to the degree of soiling and the load of the dishwasher. For normal soiling and loading, 3 tabs are usually sufficient; for tougher cases, a fourth tab helps.

The pouch is mainly made of paper. Inside is a thin plastic layer required to protect the tabs from moisture.

Salt in the dishwasher softens the water and thus protects dishes, cutlery and the machine itself from limescale deposits. Rinse aid makes the dishes dry better and prevents stains. The need for salt and rinse aid depends on the local water hardness and the dishwasher. Grüne Hexe dishwashing tabs therefore deliberately avoid salt and rinse aid, so that only as much of it is used as is absolutely necessary. Water hardness can be easily determined using test strips. Detailed dosing instructions can be found in the instructions of your dishwasher.

Urea is a caring component of our skin and is produced naturally in our body. The urea used in the tabs is synthetically produced, but is of course just as non-toxic and easily biodegradable as natural urea. In dishwasher detergents, urea is a multi-talent: it improves water solubility, acts as a natural cleaning surfactant, provides a radiant shine effect and helps to break down the other ingredients in the wastewater faster after cleaning.

Grüne Hexe dishwasher detergents clean environmentally friendly, organic and with perfect performance. Behind it is years of continuous biotechnological research. The technological innovation of the formula is patented in Germany (DE 60 2010 042 220) and numerous other countries in Europe and around the world.

Based on the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI), the formulations of Grüne Hexe detergents can be checked in detail at any time using the central EU database.


Grüne Hexe dishwasher tabs contain:


The ingredients are 100% biodegradable, but please note the following warning:

CAUTION Causes severe eye irritation. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical attention/seek medical advice. Contains SUBTILISIN. Can trigger allergic reactions.

Product data sheet Dish Washer Tabs (PDF)


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